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Finger Lakes Through The Seasons

Want to visit the Finger Lakes but not sure what season to visit? Here's your inside look at what each season is like!


If you and/or our family are inter winter sports, then this is the season for you! The Finger Lakes offers everything from skiing and snowboarding to tubing down mountain sides or even dog sledding if you want to try something new. Not into winter sports? No worries, there's still plenty to do between the quaint shops, breath taking winter scenery, and frozen waterfall hikes.


The flowers are blooming and warm weather is coming! Take advantage of the nice weather by visiting one of the many bird sanctuaries, enjoying a game of golf, or go for a hike and watch nature wake up from its wintery nap before your very eyes. My favorite thing about Spring in the Finger Lakes is that every day is different and something new is blooming or coming back to life. There's so much to see and do during this time that it's hard not to be impressed with the beauty of the area. Highlights during spring for me include: multiple hikes on my favorite trails, walking around the Ithaca Commons, and exploring local parks.


The ultimate season to visit in my opinion! Summer provides ample opportunities in the Finger Lakes for fun in the sun. You have your choice of outdoor activities whether it be swimming in one of the finger lakes, hiking through a gorge, or enjoying a flight of wine on the Finger Lakes Wine Trail.


One of the most beautiful times to visit the Finger Lakes in my opinion! Between the amazing fall foliage, stunning lake views, and the temperate weather there's a lot to love about fall in the Finger Lakes. Enjoy hikes with the family, afternoons at wineries, and soak up every ray of sunlight possible by the lake before winter storms in.


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Sarah Arleo is a 25 year old blogger and tiktoker based in the Finger Lakes. She enjoys hiking and camping with her husband and can often be found writing for her blog Field Guide To Marrying Young or running around state parks filming for her TikTok channel @SarahintheSunshine.



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